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Fine Art Photography


Despite extensive and secure packaging of your order, shipping damage can unfortunately never be 100% ruled out. If there is already visible damage to the packaging during delivery, please check the contents in the presence of the delivery person.
If you already notice damage in this case, we would like to ask you to photograph the damage with your cell phone and refuse acceptance. Please record the damage with a few photos and contact Gurdal Bibo Photography, LLC immediately with the damage pictures.
We will then contact you and arrange a replacement production for you as quickly as possible.
No refunds or exchanges unless you purchase an artwork or a print at the gallery. Once the production starts Gurdal Bibo Photography LLC is obligated to pay for the costs, we are very happy to replace the artwork if it arrives damaged, we will make sure you will have the artwork on your wall in perfect condition.
By giving a deposit towards an artwork, you agree that you understand & consent to the following: The amount of the deposit will be determined by your artist. The price of the artwork will not change for one year, you need to purchase the artwork during this period. Under no circumstances will you be refunded your deposit.