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Fine Art Photography


Witnessing nature’s beauty and its power is pure joy for me. But, I have been able to capture more than just my own experiences. In my unique way of exploring wildlife and the environment, I bring out the personalities, the drama and the exhilaration in all my photos.



The bright lights, endless crowds and the energy of New York City all contribute to the unique experience of a visit to one of the world’s most beloved cities. From the rising sun to the setting sun, New York City is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of activity and life. A place that draws travelers from all over the world with its vibrant energy, powerful architecture and numerous attractions — this city has a little bit of something for everyone.



Vibrant to me means to be full of pulsating energy, color, wit, and quivering light. This collection of images is moments in time that made me feel as though Vibrancy was tangible and visible. Moments when mother nature and serendipity merged to embody perfection.



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